Buy bitcoin

With fiat

The easiest way to buy bitcoin is by converting your fiat to bitcoin. If you are a US citizen you can go here: Coinmama, otherwise we recommend FTX.

Buy bitcoin with bitcoin

On margin

If you already own bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) and want to increase your exposure without having to deposit more fiat, you can also consider setting up a margin account on Binance or FTX. This way you can put up your bitcoin as collateral to effectively buy bitcoin on margin. Notice that you are in this case exposed to bitcoin with leverage. If you own 5 btc and you buy 5 more coins against this collateral your effective leverage is slightly above 2, which means that if the price would crater by 50% you lose your coins.


Alternatively you could increase your exposure by selling puts or buying calls. See more about trading options on our derivatives page.